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Our Story

​We began this journey in 2018 with a group of professional instructors and performers that saw a need in the community for performing arts training that went beyond the traditional recital and competition model. Spearheaded by Beth Craig Hall and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky in St. Matthew's Station, DCT opened its doors in July of 2018, based on the same model and principals as its sister company ACTORS CENTER FOR TRAINING. After three successful years, we realized that the Dancers Center for Training name did not represent all that we do. We train performing artists from beginner to professional.  Our approach is practical, rigorous, and develops the performer for more than just the stage. This training nurtures self-confidence, artistry, and professionalism. 


If we are to take our mission seriously, “training artists as far as they want to go,” then our name should reflect that. We are now Performing Arts Louisville (PAL). With multiple class options for the casual student who might have social or fitness goals in mind, to the serious student who is training for college, to the professional actor who will audition for a company or production, we have all the tools to help you succeed.


PAL offers drop-in classes, class cards, memberships, training programs, and private lessons that are tailored to a student's specific needs. Our training programs are designed to produce a well-rounded artist that is highly skilled and can market their strength Don’t see something that fits you? PAL will help design a program for you.


The success of our performers lies in how we train with acting first.  Each performance is a role whether you speak, dance, or sing.  You have to communicate and connect with your audience, and acting is where that begins. We are also always working towards a goal. We help students self-evaluate, side-by-side with their instructors, to measure how well we are meeting goals and what we may need to work on next.  


We also work exclusively with ACT Louisville Productions. Through education and performance opportunities, students can take what they’ve learned and bring performing arts to the community. In 2021 we helped to bring Musical Theatre back to Iroquois Amphitheater. We can't wait to see what new opportunities lie ahead!

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