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For Beginner to Intermediate-Advanced Dancers ages  

13 and up (Ability is considered so some mature 11 and 12 are considered)

Perfect for Musical Theater Students and Drop-In Classes! 

Beginner- Pre-Professional
ages 13 & Up

Dance classes Musical Theater
Musical Theater CLass
Acting class Musical theater class
Ballet class Pre-Professional ballet
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We have a


for students who aspire to professional level auditions. 

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Beginner Ballet

Ballet is the basis for all styles of dance and is an essential training component for any performer. Beginner Ballet focuses on the fundamentals and developing technique, muscle memory, and musicality.

Intermediate Ballet

This class continues to build on the foundations of ballet with more challenging steps and an increased focus on technique, musicality, and performance. 

Advance -Pre-Pro Ballet

This is the highest level and is equivalent or superior is some cases to any pre-professional training program. Students will work to perform at the highest level. Whether for fun or for real our students are being admitted to top level dance programs, companies, prestigious summer intensives and more. 



              Contemporary dance is derived from fusion on ballet, jazz, modern, and what is      current. Contemporary is crucial to learn for the versatile dancer as it is a huge part of the industry including ballet companies, musical theater, and other contemporary companies. It still requires a strong ballet base to be successful. 


Hip-Hop training is fun, current, and an essential discipline for all dancers!


Take your tap skills to the next level with a focus on ear training, technique, and vocabulary!

Lyrical Jazz 

Lyrical Jazz combines ballet, modern, and jazz technique to create a style of movement grounded in freedom of expression and emotion.


This is BROADWAY or THEATRICAL jazz. Gus Giordano was one of the founding fathers who applied the discipline of ballet to create jazz expression for theatre. Our instructor Allison McCoy studied in Chicago at the Giordano Dance School and is now bringing this incredible technique to our dancers! This fun and fast-paced class merges Modern, Contemporary, and Ballet to help dancers broaden their versatility. 

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