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Be a PAL for Real or for Fun!

After 4 years of successfully training actors, dancers, and singers we needed a name that reflects all we do to build skillful performing artists. Performing Arts Louisville is the best training option for performing artists; Ballet dancers, musical theater performers, actors and more!  We train at the highest level whether your training is for fun or for real. We make sure there are many options for our dancers (ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap), actors and vocalists!  Do it the right way first is our philosophy!


Offer the highest level of professional training for all performers with the most skilled instructors in acting, dance, and singing

Teach proper technique from classical ballet- hip hop/ improv- classical theater/vocal technique- vocal performance

Provide opportunities for performances that build resumés across the disciplines of acting, dance, and vocal performance

Provide access to industry professionals  from the acting, dance and musical theater through intensives and workshops

We train for beyond the dance class. We  set goals, use critical thinking skills, and develop real world skills while building confidence. 

It’s simple— we train for REAL or for FUN. This means our dance classes, acting classes, musical theater classes are not just about the spotlight. You can aka drop in classes or commit to a training program. We have a versatile dancer training program, a ballet training program (also a professional ballet training program that starts at age 8- 18), and we have a musical theater training program. Students learn the discipline of dance, acting, and singing.  We take all aspects of training seriously. We evaluate based on benchmarks and development.

We care why you train and we care about the quality of your training. Your development is more important to us than the number of shows you perform or the roles you land. Each student is evaluated before they are placed in a class and students self-evaluate at the end of each session, working in collaboration with their instructors on the goals for the next session. With multiple class options for the casual student who might have social or fitness goals in mind, to the serious student who will audition for college programs or professional roles, we have all the tools to help you succeed. Our students develop skills that go beyond plies, time steps, arias, or monologues. When you train at this level of professionalism, you nurture self-confidence, technique, and artistry. A performing artist is truly no different than any other athlete — no athlete shows up for a game without practice!



For all performing arts disciplines, we believe in ACTING first. Whether you are a ballerina or a pop vocalist you have a role to play. Understanding that role in terms of acting and motivation is crucial to each performer’s development. It is also why our students will always interview and audition well.

We offer acting classes for ages 3- Adult



Our dance program offers drop in dance classes and dance training programs. We produce versatile professionals.

Our Ballet program offers basic classes- professional level ballet classes.  

We offer many classes that help shape a versatile performer/dancer: Tap, Jazz (Giordano Jazz), Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Heels, and more.



A song coach is much different than a technical voice teacher. We make sure our students are trained with proper technique and placement so that they will grow and develop their own unique sound.



Musical Theatre is wildly popular in our region. To be successful you must become what we like to call the quadruple threat. Meaning that you train in the three disciplines of theater, voice, and dance, with the fourth element being the best you can be at all three.  We focus on acting as the primary skill needed in all disciplines. We understand that all performers have their strong areas and other areas that need to be discovered – or areas that need a more rigorous approach in training. IF you want ot be really good we are the best place to start. Taking dance classes, acting classes, and vocal lessons are not enough. We need to pull the string that combines all of the skills. We arm our students with the skills so they are ready for any audition at any time! Our training is no different than training an athlete. Strong technique in ballet is the key to this successful program. Students in our training program find success in admissions to performing arts schools, summer intensives, and they are cast in local and regional amateur and professional productions!

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