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National Dance Day

Saturday, September 19 from 9am-4pm

NATIONAL DANCE DAY!! DCT will be celebrating in the following ways:

FRIDAY, September 18! ALL OF OUR DANCERS — ALL AGES are invited to attend Brandon's Hip Hop class @ 6:20pm!! Drop In at NO CHARGE to participate in the National Day Dance Routine. Dancers from all over the world will be learning and dancing this routine and we will video tape ours on tonight right after the class. If you want to work on it in the meantime use this link! We will publish the video on Saturday!! There are modified versions too--

2. On Saturday, we will premiere the finished videos from our showcase in our lobby!! In between classes come and check out the videos!

3. INSTAGRAM Takeover! We will ask one or two students to take over our Instagram during their class to wish everyone a happy National Dance Day, show what they are doing in class, and talk about how much dance means to them!

4. Saturday kicks off our "Try DCT for a Week" Please invite a friend to join you for a class next week (email Beth if you have any takers-- we have size limits and cannot go over). Any new student or anyone who has NEVER had a class at DCT is welcomed to come try all week long!

4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! We have reserved for purchase SNOW CONES from SNoWhat!! Bring your friends and family and enjoy this treat. Say goodbye to summer with ice and sugar!!

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