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National Dance Day 2021

Dance with Dancers Center for Training — and the rest of the country — on September 18th 2021 at 3:00pm on the front steps of The Kentucky Center in downtown Louisville we will begin the rehearsal and filming at 3:30pm!

DCT wants to make sure as many people who love to dance can participate in this event. You do not need to belong to our studio—or any studio. All ages welcome! If you are a minor please bring an adult chaperone with you or your group!

Established in 2010 by American Dance Movement co-founder, Nigel Lythgoe, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, National Dance Day is an annual celebration dedicated to dance that encourages Americans of all ages to incorporate dance into their lives.

This year's routine was choreographed by Scott and Brian Nicholson and is designed for all skill levels and even non-dancers. Sept. 18th we will meet to rehearse and live stream the performance on the front steps of The Kentucky Center (501 West Main St, Louisville, KY 40202) at 3:00pm.

How can you get involved?

  1. Sign up! Email us with your name (names) of participants and ages!

  2. Learn the Choreography! GO to the website and use the tutorial video: People all over the United States will be learning this same routine for the Sept 18th event! Or you can swing by DCT Sunday the 12th @ 3:30 to learn with one of our instructors.

  3. Show up! Join us Saturday, September 18th at 3:00 pm on the front steps of The Kentucky Center (501 West Main Street) to be a part of this celebration. We will rehearse and perform the official routine, which will be live streamed on the Dancers Center for Training YouTube Channel.

Participation is free! Proof of vaccination will be required to perform unmasked and socially distanced. Masks will be required for those who cannot present proof of vaccination. We will accept donations for the Happy Feet Foundation and anyone who donates $25.00 or more by Saturday Sept. 12th, 2021 will receive a National Dance Day Commemorative T-shirt.

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