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Discover Unmatched Summer Performing Arts Opportunities for Young Performers in Louisville. Unleash your child's potential as a performer, artist, and professional with the most comprehensive and intensive summer performing arts training program in Louisville for students aged 10-19 (including graduating seniors!). Our Performing Arts Louisville summer camp offers top-quality training, rivaling programs from out-of-state institutions, and is tailored to guide your child towards the next level of excellence.

Grow as a performer, artist, and professional

Ideal for students entering grade 3 through college in September 2023, our summer performing arts camps provide a platform for artistic growth, professional evaluation, and audition repertoire expansion. They are perfect for preparing for performing arts school auditions, college pre-screens, or simply as an enjoyable summer experience!


With a focus on performance, all our camps culminate in an end-of-week showcase, where students receive feedback from industry professionals. Previous evaluators have included Broadway stars like Nikki Renée Daniels, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer, Michael Potts, Douglas Lyons, Joel Kirk, and Gerry McIntyre.



We usually put all 3 disciplines (acting, dancing, singing) together for our MT intensive— not this year! What we have observed throughout the year is that to truly have an intensive experience that carries throughout the year we should break the disciplines up! Since Acting is in EVERYTHING we do let’s separate that for each of the disciplines. Your performer will have an incredible summer and reach new heights with this approach! We require a pre-screen so we can prepare for each student's needs and group them accordingly. 


Our Vocal and Mover to Dancer Intensive is designed to truly meet the needs of aspiring performers. This camp meets the needs of triple threat or the beginner! Our training is fun, nurturing but intense and truly transforms the performer! We recommend attending the All About Acting Camp in July.

Mover to Dancer

​Our 1 week camp focuses on building foundations by teaching proper technique and vocabulary. This is essential in being able to effectively perform in any musical. The week covers Ballet, tap, jazz and other disciplines like Hip Hop.


Students will learn how to remember choreography quickly and the most important– use their acting skills to perform. The week will culminate in a showcase performance with a full group number.


Vocally your student will come in with their vocal book if they have one  (or the songs they have sung in the past for auditions)  and our instructors will analyze their book. Our team will then pick out a piece that adds to their book and can be used for audition purposes for the year. A great head start for college pre-screens! 


Each student will perform their selection for a panel of industry experts and receive feedback. They will also perform their new piece at the final showcase on Friday. 



We start with a placement screening so we can identify where you are developmentally. These screenings allow our staff to select audition pieces for you BEFORE you arrive! Students are grouped based on age and ability.


PRO TIPS: turn your phone to landscape or horizontal to film. Make sure the background is free of clutter — a plain wall works great. Shoot the song and monologue from the shoulders up. Do not zoom in. Make sure you have lots of light so we can see the color of your eyes. Make sure the area is quiet.

Send us a video and include the following:


A  1-1:30 minute contemporary monologue from a play, or a clipping from a young adult novel. Make sure your piece is age appropriate. Show us your range!


32 bars of an upbeat tempo contemporary musical or pop song. A single instrument karaoke track works well or a cappella.


:30 seconds to 1:00 of movement or dancing— freestyle to an upbeat tempo song. If you are a dancer, show us what you've got. If you're not, show us how you move to the music.


A 1 to 2 minute personality clip. Tell us who you are. Do you have any relevant experience? What goals do you have for training? What areas do you need help with the most?




JUNE 19- 23

JUNE 26-30



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