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ACT/DCT Fall Registration

Fall class registration for Actors and Dancers opens August 1st from 12pm to 8pm at the ACT/DCT Studio—3900 Shelbyville Rd, 2nd floor of St. Matthews Station.

Click this link to pre-register. You'll save time and get 50% off the registration fee before you arrive in person on August 1st. Discount is only available if you pre-register before August 1, 2019.

At registration, Kinney's dance wear will be available for dance wear fittings and orders for purchase. Order when you register, and items will be delivered to the studio by August 17th!!  One stop shopping! 

Dance instructors will be on hand to evaluate new dancers.

An information session will run every hour on the hour. 

Fall registration is available after August 1st however the discount is for in person registration.

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